Robert Bosler Studio

... situated in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, Australia

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"Our Spiritual Plight" 

This piece depicts a person reaching up
for spiritual enlightenment
and holding herself back at
the same time.
It has been carved from a section of
Spotted Gum, which is normally
used for making axe-handles.

Rather than being detrimental to the
piece, the rough nature of this tough
Australian timber has provided this
piece with an uncanny sense
of human likeness, right down to
the existence of knots where
the knees and elbow are

Nothing has been added to this
carving, what you see is naturally
existing as bark and other features.
The sculpture was carved from a tree section of Spotted Gum 

"The Lost Boy" 

Here we can see the Radiata Pine
section from which the saddened image
of the lost boy is emerging.

Linseed Oil and Turpentine is used
to ensure the piece will not crack during
the time it is worked on,
and a special anti-bluestain mix
is applied to restrict the pine's natural
tendency to stain.

The final piece, representing another
interpretation of an Australian artistic theme.
~ Buy direct and save ~ 

Subtracted from the market retail price of Robert's art are the cost of the frame and his art dealer's commission when purchased directly from the studio.  Therefore, a market value price of $760 yields a discount so that you pay only $390 unframed.  In "market" terms, you are buying straight from the producer without packaging costs.  In this way, you receive the benefits and the market "retail" (investment) value is maintained.
On more expensive works, the savings are considerable.  It is the best way to buy art.