Robert Bosler Studio

... situated in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, Australia

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Techniques are the 'tools' by which your paintings are created.  This is the physical component of your art (the other component is your vision).
Without these tools you cannot powerfully or satisfactorily express your vision.
Robert's website detailing advanced oil painting techniques can be found here: at where you can also purchase premium quality, and very comprehensive DVDs to learn these techniques.
Robert's book Make Money Teaching Art is also available on amazon - this is also a helpful resource for students, as well as for artists wishing to earn an income from teaching.  Available in both Paperback and Kindle.


~ Buy direct and save ~ 

Subtracted from the market retail price of Robert's art are the cost of the frame and his art dealer's commission when purchased directly from the studio.  Therefore, a market value price of $760 yields a discount so that you pay only $390 unframed.  In "market" terms, you are buying straight from the producer without packaging costs.  In this way, you receive the benefits and the market "retail" (investment) value is maintained.
On more expensive works, the savings are considerable.  It is the best way to buy art.