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Marble importer, Mr John Mellocco of Sydney, showed his appreciation for Robert's commissioned work by shipping to Australia a block of marble for Robert to carve.  The marble was cut from the same Carrara quarry as used by Michelangelo. 

"Karma - The Truth of Christ"
This piece shows the image of Jesus,
standing on a cross,
his left hand is nailed to it
and his right hand holds the hammer.
It is as if to say:
"if Jesus walked the earth,
he is subject to the same forces
as we all are"


Marble is in fact crushed
sea creatures and shells
from the bottom of the sea,
having been thrust upward
into mountains where it is then
available for mankind to quarry.
"It is like carving solid moonlight,"
says the artist,
and interestingly the nature of
marble is that it is always cool
to the touch... even when
in direct sunlight 

This is how it all started.

And the figure of the
person caught inside
inspires the artist
to want to release

This is not a thing to be
undertaken lightly.

Can you feel this sense
of entrapment?

Care has to be taken not to
leave parts of the
sculpture vulnerable
(such as the fingers & handle),
whilst the heavy blows to the stone
release the supporting parts of
the work.

And the finished carving is
publicly unveiled, this time as it was inside an old World War II air-raid bunker.
There was no electricity to
the bunker, and the light
was provided by several
hundred candles 
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