Robert Bosler Studio

... situated in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, Australia

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Coffs Harbour - two minutes walk from the studio
This studio is an initiative to bring the creative and cultural experience to you. 
After too many years in a creative cave Robert Bosler has once again opened his studio to share the experience with the public - this time in spectacular surroundings befitting a seascape and spiritual artist's specialties.
Invariably, visitors remark upon not only the quality of the art but appreciatively say "what a wonderful place for a studio". 
Robert began his professional career (way back in the 1980's) with an open studio, which then quickly became a gallery selling his work as well as investment works by historical Australian artists.  His early success led him into nearly two decades of isolation so as to achieve the rare advanced techniques immediately recognised in his work today.
From December 2011 it was time to bring his art and his personal creative focus and experience to the public once again.  The result is an authentic Artist's Studio experience with rare quality art in sensational surrounds - and you're welcome to come along. 
It is a family-friendly place so please feel free to bring along the kids, who thoroughly enjoy the real experience on, to them, a big scale.  People bring in their pets (Coffs is a bit like that), along with them for a walk to the harbour grounds, though it seems not one dog has been impressed with the art.  It's a very human thing.
Open hours?  These depend on the work being created. It is advisable to contact ahead of time to ensure viewing, however, the studio is open most weeks for five days.

See the larger Panorama View (1.6mb)  by clicking here or on the pic below

~ Buy direct and save ~ 

Subtracted from the market retail price of Robert's art are the cost of the frame and his art dealer's commission when purchased directly from the studio.  Therefore, a market value price of $760 yields a discount so that you pay only $390 unframed.  In "market" terms, you are buying straight from the producer without packaging costs.  In this way, you receive the benefits and the market "retail" (investment) value is maintained.
On more expensive works, the savings are considerable.  It is the best way to buy art.