Robert Bosler Studio

... situated in beautiful Coffs Harbour on the north coast of NSW, Australia

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Robert's personal website including blog can be found here
In brief, here are some of Robert's achievements:
  • Artist since 1985, achieving the dream of living off art

  • Top sales price per painting of $25,000

  • Thousands of paintings sold worldwide

  • Regularly selling works between $3,000-10,000

  • Developer of the advanced Fine Art Techniques so you can achieve as well

  • Continual exhibitions in galleries and through his large Sydney studios

  • Many of his exhibitions, or a single artwork, televised locally and nationally

  • Established an investment art gallery in 1988 selling national and international investment works

  • Regularly stages exhibitions for his students

  • Author of three books on art

  • Author of three novels, currently developing his fourth

  • Writer on matters of the Australian psyche and politics for the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper online

  • Producer of premium quality DVDs to help you achieve with your art

  • Developer of The Laws For Creativity

  • Over 755,000 views about his art on YouTube and counting 

  • Accomplished sculptor in marble, bronze and wood

  • Assisted hundreds of artists in over 38 countries 


~ Buy direct and save ~ 

Subtracted from the market retail price of Robert's art are the cost of the frame and his art dealer's commission when purchased directly from the studio.  Therefore, a market value price of $760 yields a discount so that you pay only $390 unframed.  In "market" terms, you are buying straight from the producer without packaging costs.  In this way, you receive the benefits and the market "retail" (investment) value is maintained.
On more expensive works, the savings are considerable.  It is the best way to buy art.